Questions I'm Most Often Asked As a Photographer.


After a decade of selling prints in person to customers from all over the world I’ve fielded many questions about my work, some of which I wanted to share with you.
Did you take all these photos?
I did.
Really? All of them?
Yes, all of them.
Even these ones?
Even those.
What kind of camera do you use?
Nikon D800 (if I had a dollar for every time …)
Who does your printing?
I do.
How do you pronounce your surname?
How long did it take you to get all these images?
Around 10 years.
How often do you get out to shoot?
Nowhere near as often as I’d like.
Ever been to New Zealand?
What? Why not? It’s beautiful there!
I know, I know - it’s on the list.
Do you shoot weddings?
No. No, no, no. Never again.
We’ll pay you $5,000.
Let me check my calendar.
Got any pictures of Justin Bieber?
What lenses do you shoot with?
Mostly 14-24, 24-70, 70-200, all Nikon.
Do you use drones for your aerials?
No - fixed wing planes, helicopters and, one time, a hot air balloon.
Are you going to get a drone?
Probably. Maybe. Dunno.
Which is your favourite all-time image?
I like them all equally.
No seriously, which one?
Okay - that one, over there.
What’s the most amazing place you’ve been?
The gorges in Karijini National Park, Western Australia.
Do you have any awards?
No (haven’t entered any competitions).
Is this in Melbourne?
Brooklyn, New York.
So you’ve been to New York?
Yes. I took the picture.
I saw one where two guys are pushing on a huge boulder …
The Devil’s Marbles one.
Did you set that up?
Did you photoshop the river blue in this one, ‘cause it never looks like that.
Are those koalas in a zoo or sanctuary?
All in the wild.
Does this guy know you’re selling a print of him?
Probably not. 
I’m in Melbourne and I want to shoot this one myself, where did you take it?
Around the back of the Arts Centre there’s some stairs, go up and around, you’ll see it.
This reminds me of my granddad. How old was he?
How old was your Granddad?
The guy. How old was the guy.
Take a guess, then halve it.
He wasn’t old, he'd just had a hard life.
Have you got this one from a different angle?
No. I shot it from multiple angles and this was the best one.
How come they painted over it?
To make something new.
But it was a great piece!
It was, but he had to paint over someone else’s, so …
I don’t know what this is.
Audrey. The Skipping Girl.
Thanks, that helps a lot. So this is what the northernmost point of Australia looks like?
Is it true you once displayed this one upside-down for a whole day and didn’t realise?
No. I did it twice.
I’ve been here - how amazing is this tree?
I know!
Is this Paris?
Is this one of those whats-a-name gorges you mentioned before?
It is.
I’ve been here too, it’s up by … it’s close to … um …
Millaa Millaa Falls, Atherton Tablelands, northern Queensland.
What’s the deal with the turtle?
We’re just friends.
Do you have one like this but angled a bit to the left? My apartment’s just out of shot.

Is this one still there?
Kind of. Barely.
Why do they spray paint garbage over the top of decent artwork?
No idea. Jealousy?
I took a shot like this on my phone, wanna see it?
Wait, let me scroll through …
You really don’t have to.
It’s somewhere here, no, that’s not it, oh look, I shot this one in Bali!
Uh huh.
Did you Photoshop that lady in?
Hey Honey, come look at this one! Look, we walked all around here, that’s where our hotel was, that’s where we bought ice cream from that guy, remember?, and it was like 100 degrees and oh, look!, there’s that little swimming pool …
I’ll be over there when you’re done.
Was that a real gun?
Probably not. Maybe. Dunno.
I’ve been there.
Haven’t we all.
Are you on Facebook or Instagram?
Both, and I think even Twitter for some reason.
Do you post prints worldwide?
I do.
Okay then. Thanks for, ah, being so open and forthcoming with your answers.
No prob.