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Fitzroy, Melbourne.

First attempt: I saw it, loved it, wanted to shoot it but I see the cars parked in front and realise there’s no way to shoot over or around them and I really don’t want them spoiling the shot but, no problem, I’ll come back later in the day and try again.

Second attempt: The cars are still there and now there’s a ute parked right in front of the wall that, if I can get it moved, might make it possible to get the shot. So I go looking for a tradie, can’t find anyone and decide to come back after 4pm, thinking he’ll probably be gone by then.

Third attempt: He’s not gone.

Fourth attempt: It’s the next day and I’m in luck because there are no cars and I have an unobstructed view of the wall. It’s late arvo, the sun’s out so this is it. Except that the light’s reflecting off the paint and creating shiny areas that ruin the shot. Fine - I’ll just go for a walk and come back when the sun’s lower and try again.

Fifth attempt: The sun’s almost set but, no luck. The glow is still creating shiny areas so I wait for the light to fade, shoot it again, wait some more, shoot again, same problem all the way until it gets too dark.

Sixth attempt: It’s the next morning and the sun will be up soon so I jump in the car and drive over. There are no cars parked in front, the sun’s coming up behind the building so no chance of reflections - everything’s perfect. Except that when I parked my car where I could stand on the roof to get the right angle I triggered an automatic security light which is now flooding the image with … more reflections! So now I’m standing on the roof of my car, camera in hand and not moving an inch because I don’t know how sensitive the sensor is, waiting for the light to go off so I can take the shot. Waiting, waiting, waiting … getting hard to stay still … waiting … the light goes out, click.