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Centre Place.

It might look like it, but I didn't set this shot up (I never do). I didn’t even realise the woman in red was there until I was looking through all the images later. I’d had this shot on my mind for a year or two - looking down onto this scene in wet weather with the overhead lights on and a lot of people about - but it wasn’t easy to get. The window I shot through (it was painted over and wouldn’t open) was in a hair dressers so access, at the right time, was never going to be easy. Finally one day the weather was right, I had the time, and I knew from previous trips that the shop was now vacant so I went upstairs to see if it was possible to get in. The place was in the middle of a fit-out for new tenants so I asked the plasterer if I could take a few shots through the window and he said yes. I was so happy with the result I went back and gave him a small copy of the print as a thank you.

Full colour version here.