Tongue Point

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Another shot that took a long time to come about. The Whitsundays are off the east coast near Airlie Beach in Queensland (south of Townsville, north of Mackay) which is a long drive from Melbourne, where I live. Every time I went there hoping to shoot Tongue Point and Whitehaven Beach (the iconic Whitsundays shot) I was unlucky with the weather. I wanted blue skies with a low tide and kept getting cloud or rain, so, rather than hang around hoping for a change, I’d keep driving, heading wherever the weather was better. I kept dropping back in on various trips during the next year or so but it was always bad light, no matter the forecast and, at around $400 an hour for the plane, you want to be pretty sure of getting the right conditions. Finally, on my umpteenth visit and third flight, I had enough sun at the right time of day to get this shot. It’s a beautiful part of the country and maybe next time I'll actually spend some time on the beach.

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