Boat Shed

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It's a shot you're almost obligated to take if you visit Perth - the old boat shed on the Swan River is a bit of an iconic photo. I shot this on a cold early morning and it wasn't easy. That narrow timber walkway that I was shooting from is slippery, it's missing slats and it's just not stable which was the worst part of it because I wanted a long exposure to get the cloud movement and the camera had to be rock steady. I had it set up on the tripod and was using the timer so I didn't have to touch the camera but just standing next to it was causing minor wobbles. The only way to get around that was to set the timer to 20 seconds and slowly, but not too slowly, walk far enough away that I wouldn't cause tremors before the shutter opened. I managed it in the end but not before it nearly ended up in tears numerous times.

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