Bondi Beach

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It was like sitting at home on the couch. That’s what I was thinking as we flew smoothly and slowly, hugging the coastline, not in a fixed wing plane like I normally do, but in a comfy helicopter with the door off. Usually I’m in something like a Cessna 152 that has a little window that opens just enough for me to stick my head out into winds strong enough to make it hard to hang on to the camera let alone point it in the right direction or see through eyes that are constantly tearing. Also I have to twist around in the seat and shoot backwards to keep the wing, support and wheel out of frame. All of which makes it noisy (have to take the headphones off), awkward, and hard to get the right angles, sometimes requiring multiple passes. But now, sitting comfortably with 180 degree unobstructed views, able to shoot any direction I wanted without any wind or noise, telling the pilot to tilt a bit here, move a bit over there, click - luxury. So why not always use a helicopter? 40 minutes cost me $800.

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