Crashing Cowboy

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This was at Great Western, which is half way between Ararat and Stawell in Victoria. They have a rodeo every year on Good Friday and I went there specifically with a shot kind of like this in mind. I sat there in the dirt and dust by the railing with my lens inches from the bulls and horses whizzing past for three hours, legs cramping, trying to keep my camera clean, and I shot everything I could, hoping for the best. I chose this one because I liked the composition of the horse going right and the rider left into open space, the horse being completely off the ground and the rider having his his foot in the stirrup and his tongue out - but I didn’t like the background because it was too busy and they didn’t stand out enough, hence the black and white. It took about three hours in photoshop to get the fine detail I wanted (the horse’s main was the worst) but I think it was worth it. The first person to buy this print was a chiropractor.

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