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I was on a short trip, just driving around Victoria for three or four days, heading nowhere special but trying to go down roads I hadn’t driven a million times already. After a couple of days had gone by and I hadn’t taken one decent shot I was starting to question what I was doing out there (this is not unusual for me). On this morning the forecast was for fog so I got up before dawn with fingers crossed and went looking for something interesting. An hour or so later I still had nothing and was frustrated, annoyed and felt like packing it in and going home. But then I came upon this scene and I was so pleased with the image the last few days didn’t matter. For every shot I take that's good enough to print there are hundreds, sometimes thousands, that aren’t. Which means a lot of wasted time, lots of driving and lots of money spent and nothing to show for it. But, as I have to keep reminding myself, the more time I spend looking the more chance I have of finding something. You never know what’s around the next corner. 

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