Byron Lighthouse

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This is another iconic Australian landscape feature that’s been shot a gazillion times by everyone but none more so than local photographer John D’Errey who has been photographing Byron Bay and selling prints at his shop on the main drag for 20 years. If you’re ever looking for a picture of a specific location it’s always best to check out the local’s work first. They have the luxury of being able to come back time and time again, shooting from as many different vantage points as they need, at different times of the day and night and, most importantly, they can wait for the right weather conditions. When you’re just travelling through you pretty much have to put up with what you have on the day. I like the shot I have but it still took me at least four different visits over a number of years because it was always too wet or too cloudy or too something when I’d swing through. When you’re out on the road you need to be lucky or persistent or both. 

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