Hancock Gorge

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Karijini National Park, Western Australia.

What an amazing place. I’ve been almost everywhere in this country at least once and the gorges at Karijini National Park would have to top the list as far as natural beauty goes. To walk through Hancock Gorge and run your hands along the smooth rock walls, wade through icy cold, clear water and imagine as you do how long it must have taken the rains to carve it all out is a special experience. It’s certainly beautiful but it’s also dangerous. More than a few have died either by drowning in flash floods or falling off cliffs. Just getting to where I shot this is tricky, especially carrying my camera gear. Lots of times I thought I was going to fall off the inch wide slippery ledges. Tricky, but worth it. When I was finished shooting and slowly inching my way out again, feeling lucky not to have fallen, a guide for the park, decked out in a mess of ropes, carabiners and assorted climbing gear came practically skipping past me, hands in pockets, hopping from ledge to ledge. I watched him go past, gripped a bit tighter, and went back to inching along.

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