Flinders Street Tram

Flinders Street Tram

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“Do you have any pictures of trams?”

I didn’t, and after hearing this half a dozen times I thought I’d better go out and shoot one. In my head I pictured one of the old style trams in front of Flinders St Station. I live in the CBD, the station’s not going anywhere and there are plenty of trams - how hard could it be? All I needed was about a two hour period on a sunny day to get the light I wanted then it was just a matter of standing on the corner, camera ready, waiting for one of the trams to come by. It took me two weeks. I must have stood on that corner five or six different days shooting every tram that came past but there’d always be a bus, car or truck in front of it. Or, more often than not, all three. Finally the traffic Gods smiled down at me and I got the shot.  Another tram image here.

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