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Kangaroo Crossing

Kangaroo Crossing

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I’d been trying to get a shot like this for a while but they always jump out in front of you at the last second from the bushes and I’ve never been quick enough. And no, this wasn’t just before I ran him over. Having spotted him off to the left, I slowed the car, grabbed the camera off the passenger seat and waited for him to play chicken. He made his move, I made mine, click, click, click through the windscreen and that was it. We were in Cape Le Grand National Park, Esperance, Western Australia (Frenchman’s Peak in the background) and if you look close you’ll see he’s having breakfast on the run.

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Note: Both paper and canvas prints come rolled in acid free tissue paper inside a heavy-duty mailing tube (signature is required upon delivery).

The standard sized paper prints - A2, A1 and AO - are designed to fit off-the-shelf frame sizes but for custom framing (like the panorama prints which aren't standard sizes), I'd recommend taking them to a professional framer.

The canvas prints are much harder to do yourself so should also be taken to a framer. All the canvas prints have a mirror wrap edge (sometimes called gallery wrap) which means the image appears to continue around the side of the frame but it's actually a copy of the image, as if the image were held against a mirror. This way none of the image is 'lost' around the side, it just looks that way.

If you have any questions about the prints, the images or anything else, I'm always available through the contacts page.


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