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"The Tip" - the northernmost point of Australia, Cape York, Queensland
Nine days. That's how long I had to wait to get this shot. I'd ridden the motorbike up from Melbourne all the way up through the Flinders Ranges, Marree, Alice, across the Plenty Highway, up to the Atherton Tablelands, Cairns, Cape Trib, Cooktown, Weipa and finally up to the tip of Cape York where I looked around and decided the best shot would be an aerial of the tip, looking back. So now I needed a plane. Turned out the caravan park I camped at (Punsand Bay) had a helicopter right there on the beach. Perfect. First sunny morning and I'm in business - and that's what took nine days. Every morning (it had to be a morning shot) was either overcast, raining, or just too cloudy. Normally I'd head off to the next destination and come back another time but it's a long, hard ride to get there so I had to stick around. There are definitely worse places to be stuck for nine days but I was keen to get back on the road so it was pretty frustrating. Finally, on the ninth morning, some sun.