Fitzroy, Melbourne

Fitzroy, Melbourne

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I must have looked a bit strange, standing on top of a wheelie bin up against the wall, juggling tripod and camera in the drizzle, just so I could get the angle I wanted. I was trying to avoid converging verticals which is what happens when you tilt the camera up to shoot something high. To make sure the verticals (the edges of the building in this case) stay vertical you need to get the camera high enough so you’re shooting straight ahead and not tilting it up. Hence the wheelie bin. It was my second or third attempt at this shot after not being happy with the previous results. This time I waited for a wet Friday night because I wanted the reflections off the street and the lights on in the hairdresser’s windows downstairs. It’s a great painting by a great artist and I’m happy with the way the shot turned out, especially the contrast of warm and cold colours. Sadly, after a number of years now, it doesn't look this good anymore. 

Street art by Adnate.

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