Craigs Hut

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Every landscape photographer and his dog has this shot or a variation of it. The hut was a prop for the movie The Man From Snowy River and it's become a tourist attraction (Mt Stirling, Victoria). I resisted shooting it for years  because it seemed overdone and I don’t like to have the same shots as everyone else. But now that I have it I really like it - should have shot it years ago! It took me three trips (four hours from the Melbourne CBD, each way, including the walk up the hill if you don’t have a 4WD, which I didn’t). I didn’t know the area so the first time was for reconnaissance - is it an early morning or late arvo shot, what’s the best angle - that kind of thing. The second time I was there the light was terrible so it was a waste of time. The third time was looking just as bad as the second but just as I was packing up my gear and planning the fourth trip the sun peaked through in the dying minutes to give me some warm, soft light. I hurriedly unpacked the camera and snapped away quickly, covering as many angles as I could in the little time I had, feeling pretty lucky. 

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Size: A1 (841mm x 594mm)